Nicolas Aphane. Photo by Carl Ballot

Nicholas Aphane (Choreographer: LOOK UP) is a performer, theatre practitioner and dance maker. Born and raised in the heart of South Africa –Johannesburg, he started dance classes at the Dance Factory at the age of 12. While still at school he secured a position as technician at The Dance Factory and so his multi-faceted journey in the creative sector started. Straight after school he joined PJ Sabbagha’s FATC (Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative) and spent two years with the company. During his second year he successfully auditioned for PARTS (Performing Art Research and Training Studios) He graduated in 2010 after completing the 4-year course. During his studies he did several works within and outside the curriculum: the outside work included working with choreographer/dance teacher David Zambrano in 2009 – he spent 50 days in Costa Rica where Zambrano was a guest teacher, teaching; within the curriculum he participated in several touring works. A collaborative duet with Steve Michil, evocatively titled ± EVEN BUT ODD, followed. He also choreographed and performed a solo work TIME FLYERS… in 2006. In these works his use of rhythm becomes his personal choreographic stamp, his unique movement and language. After graduating from PARTS he went back to FATC where he created a solo for the Argentinian Tour in 2011 called MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO. In 2012 he was invited to the National Arts Festival to perform his duet CATCH ON. As a freelance artist, dance teacher, composer, and a technician he found his niche in life. His versatility and eagerness to explore all creative frontiers has him working for various companies, individuals and festivals. Nicholas Aphane also danced with the Johannesburg Youth Ballet.